Femnora Night Repair Face Cream (50 gms)

Rs. 450.00 Rs. 575.00 -22% OFF

Femnora Night Repair Face Cream (50 gms)

Rs. 450.00 Rs. 575.00 -22% OFF

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Product description

Why a Night Repair Face Cream, you may ask?

We tell you why :

1) Throughout the night, the skin is supposed to reload itself with oils and nutrients that it needs to remain healthy. This replenishing process, of course, requires the skin to have those nutrients and oils to restock the cells with. Depending on a person’s diet, the weather conditions, their skin composition, and so much more, the skin may be depleted of some of those vital nutrients. That’s where night cream comes in. A night cream is loaded with helpful nutrients that the skin needs to have access to when replenishing. By making those nutrients more accessible, night creams help the skin to naturally complete an essential part of the everyday process of staying healthy and fresh. As a result, people using night cream tend to wake up feeling as if their skin is rejuvenated.

2) The face skin rubs against pillows and bedsheets which may have dead cells or dead skin. With the skin, especially the face, rubbing into dirty bedding all night, it’s no wonder that many people wake up with acne and other signs of skin damage. A night cream can help create a protective layer to keep out all that dirt and all those dead skin cells laying around in your bed.

3) When you wake up and begin getting ready for the day, your skin begins to be exposed to a variety of changes in humidity, temperature, air pollutants, and much more. The replenishing process also slows down as your skin is hard at work instead. Skin that has been replenished overnight is much better prepared to take on the challenges of the next day. It is more ready to absorb nutrients to become even more rejuvenated.

4) One of the steps in the process of the formation of wrinkled, aged skin is the skin cells turning over slowly, leaving dead, worn skin cells on the surface for longer. The turnover of skin cells happens most during the night. A rejuvenating night cream can help to accelerate the process and keep the cells on the surface healthier and younger-looking.

5) On top of preventing the skin from being damaged at night and preparing the skin for the wear and tear of the upcoming day, night time creams can work to repair damage already done during the day. For instance, acne issues are often largely resolved while people are sleeping. With the additional help of a night cream, the acne may be resolved even faster and more effectively.

Wild Earth Night Repair Face Cream is designed to do all of the above and much more. In simple words, it works hard all night to keep you beautiful while you enjoy a peaceful night's sleep..

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